Digital Marketing Company In Zirakpur

People generally do not understand the need of digital marketing for their business website. The most important module of digital marketing is SEO. Simply, the requirement of SEO is there when you want to top the google ranking and want to increase the traffic on your website of organic users. Hence, SEO helps businesses in growth. Search engine and user-friendly content get importance in these rankings. It is a cost-effective program when compared with Paid advertising, social media marketing, PPC and leads which are purchased. It also generates leads for the business.

SEO TIP 1: Focus more on engaging people with quality content.
SEO TIP 2: Prioritization should be given to ROI rather than the search engines.

What will we do for you?
Kumar Digital Solutions is the best digital marketing company in zirakpur. Our SEO Strategy is an integrated approach that is made up of content marketing, conversion rate optimization, social media marketing, influence marketing. Merging these and other SEO tools you can get an optimized, advertised, socialized, influenced and publicized approach which can further help customers to reach your business. Our SEO experts keep all these things in mind before making an optimized SEO strategy for you. We also provide digital marketing course in zirakpur 100% practical digital marketing training with job.

Digital Marketing Company in Zirakpur

SEO ways could boost the search engine page rank of a website within the short term, these ways might additionally get the site prohibited from the search engines.

On Page Seo

On-page SEO is the practice of web pages optimization individually, to get a higher rank and increase traffic in search engines

Link Building

Link building describes actions aimed toward increasing the standard of links to an internet page with the increasing the programme rankings of that website

What We Will Do For You?

Content Marketing, Guest Post Services, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing, Enterprise SEO, Link Building.

Keyword & Market Research

We will check keyword search volume, CPC and keyword competition

Onsite SEO

meta tags, sitemap, robots.txt, google analytics, search console, image alt etc will be done

Link Building

We will create relevant high quality links by checking DA, PA, CF, TF, spam score and google index status

Social Media Promotion

We will target multiple social media channels for promotions.

Content Marketing

We will promote your business with content like blogs, infographic, PDF’s, article & press release

Guest Posting

We will target relevant niche for the guest post links. We will also check TF, CF, DA, PA, Spam Score & Google Index status,

Reporting & Analysis

Every week we will give you report of task, traffic and campaigns.

Meetings & Planning On Call

We will be available 5 days a week for call or meetings via hangout, skype or whatsapp.

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Our Affordable Services Packages

6000 Rupees /Month
  • 5-10 Target Keywords
  • Weekly meeting on call, skype or whatsapp
  • Weekly SEO Status Report
8000 Rupee /Month
  • 10-20 Target Keywords
  • Weekly meeting on call, skype or whatsapp
  • Weekly SEO Status Report
10,000 Rupee /Month
  • 40-50 Target Keywords
  • Weekly meeting on call, skype or whatsapp
  • Weekly SEO Status Report

Digital Marketing Company in Zirakpur – SEO FAQs | Know Answers of Your Questions

1. What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the method of website optimization and placing it in the search results ranking. It is one of the best way used for Digital Marketing. You can improve your google ranking position for more customers.

2. What can I get from the SEO Campaign?

Getting high ranking can increase more traffic on the website.

Increase Traffic= Increase in Leads

Increase in Leads= Maximum conversions

3. What is the maximum time for which I have to invest?

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process as to be in high ranking you have to invest, and also to compete with your competitor. If you have an international customer, then we can improve your ranking in 4-6 months whereas in local business according to the city we can increase your ranking in 1-2 months. We will target 5-10 keywords per page in your site, and your website will get improved in rankings of the search engine by 70%-80%.  As the website ranking mainly depends upon how old your website is. As nothing is permanent, neither the algorithm, as Google keeps updating every time for the excellent experience nor the rankings. Hence, keep the Seo strategy at its best by purchasing the minimum package from us.

4. How can I start?

Starting with SEO is easy. Choose best plan for you and hire our agency for your website optimization, and we will analyze your site and provide your website with the right keywords and link building. So that you can improve the ranking of your website. Just go to our SEO Page, select the package according to your needs, and we will start working for you.

5. How many sales and traffic should I expect?

SEO can create higher ranking to your website, which further can provide you leads and there are chances of getting conversions from the edges, by generating the revenues. We will target your niche relevant keywords. After that, we will compare it with your competitor to know how they are performing in the market and start working to improve your website ranking and create traffic on your site. Though sales somehow depend on your products and services too. For tracking, we will share traffic reports with you on a monthly basis.

6. Will, it hurt my website?

SEO  is the technique of improving the website, and it never hurts your site. We follow Google algorithm and whitehead SEO which will not affect the website infact it will improve the traffic on the website. Therefore, SEO is safe to use.

7. Do categories have any effect on SEO?

Yes! Ofcourse, categories do have a positive impact on SEO. If your site’s pages are sorted, then it can help in preventing the individual pages from competing with each other.

8. Can I get any discount?

Yes, you can get discounts. Just get in touch with our marketing team and send your details through our contact page. Our marketing team will get back to you with the best offers.

9. What are the activities you will perform?

Firstly we will analyze your website regarding the issues which your site may have, problems can be technical or related to content. After fixing the issue, we will look for keywords with high search volume and with less competition. After that, we will start creating backlinks for you with optimization of your page one by one.

10. What are the tools you use for SEO?

For managing Seo we will use the following tools:

Moz local listing score

Google Analytics

Ahref’s Backlink checker


Similar Web

Search Console

Google keyword planner

SERP Simulator

Schema Creator



What’s Your SEO Score ?

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